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Out of Africa...

My oldest friend and her girlfriend left earlier this week for Africa. They saved up money, quit their jobs, moved their stuff into storage, and took off for the Dark Continent. They're planning on being gone for months, hoping to be back in the States for Christmas.

While I can't say that backpacking and staying in hostels throughout Africa is my cup of tea - my idea of roughing it is staying in the Holiday Inn - I think the trip sounds, at least for them, unbelievably amazing.

Think of all the things they'll get to see and do, the people they'll meet, the places they'll go.

They're blogging about it when they can - go here to read about their adventures - and they're sending email updates when they can as well.

Did you know the flight from the States to Johannesburg is fifteen hours? Non-stop?


Safe travels, my dear, sweet friends.

And come back to us soon.


Work in progress...

First, the fabric selection...

...then, the pressing...

...and the cutting...

...and the layout...

...and an almost finishing project.

We should be able to finish this in the next week or so. The Girl wants some "squiggly stuff", otherwise known as rick rack (for which I have an unhealthy love), and we have to do borders and a backing.

(Small quilt pattern from Nancy Halvorsen's Count On It, available at Amazon.)