A home without books is a body without soul. - Cicero


Welcome home...

I came home to over two dozen people standing in my front yard tonight. It was a surprise housewarming, a scheme cooked up by some very dear friends and former co-workers.

Suddenly, the worries I had about picking up kitchen towels and dishdrainers fell to the side. The list of supplies I needed grew shorter. The burden became so much lighter.

Some of the people who were here tonight have known me since I was a small child. They've watched me become a teenager, grow up, get married, have a baby, have my life flipped upside down, and start over. They've celebrated those birthdays, that wedding, that baby, mourned that upside down business, and now, they're celebrating our new beginning.

It makes my heart sing with happiness to feel so loved, and to know the girl is so loved as well.

She and I are so very, very lucky.

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